Tana's Commissions

Read all links first, please!

Please read everything thoroughly before commissioning me. All messages that goes against the term of service will be ignored and deleted.

General rules
I retain the rights to decline any commissions and not give out my reasons. Commissioners are allowed to use the art for Personal uses and Non-Commercial uses only. Please do not make money off my art work.There will be a signature on the drawing. I ask that you do not remove/edit/cut out the signature and/or claim the artwork as your own.

Will draw:
Fanart .Original Character/s.Soft Romance (includes BL/GL/HL).Soft gore.Suggestive artwork.

Will NOT draw:
Bara/Muscular people.Furry/MLP/Anthro/Sonic (does not include nekomimis, or just ears and tail).PornHardcore gore.Anything political and/or religious (LGBT+ themes excluded.)Mecha/Robots.Complicated armors/weapons.You or anyone in real life (unless there is a throughout "anime" version/reference).

Prices are listed in USD. Payments are accepted through paypal only.Commissions will be started once payment has been received. Refunds will not be available after the initial sketch has been sent.Payment are made through Paypal's invoice system ONLY.Do not send any payment until I have accepted your commission.
I will put commissions with a deadline first before the general ones.Please give up to 1-5 months (depending on the complexity) for it to be completed, as I am a busy student.Feel free to ask and check up on the commission. I am always happy and willing to let you know how things are going!

Waist Up
$130 base priceSingular characters only
There will be an extra charge for detailed designs, as well as for backgrounds. Prices will vary depending on the complexity.

Thigh Up
$180 base priceAny extra character (max 1) would be an additional +$100.
There will be an extra charge for detailed designs, as well as for backgrounds. Prices will vary depending on the complexity.Refer to the Hatsune Miku drawing for example.

Complete Illustration/CG
Full bodiesPrice starts at $450. Can only be ordered after throughout discussions.Extra characters (max 3) starts at an additional +$200 each.Comes with a fully detailed, furnished background.
There will be an extra charge for detailed designs.

I am most responsive on Twitter! If you have any questions, feel free to reach towards and I will try my best to answer.